Fis Nordic World ski Championships
Sweden 18.02-01.03

Skid-VM Falun 2015


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Falun 2015
Feb 18—March 1, 2015

An event of a kind the world has never seen before

The 2015 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Falun will be a World Championships with totally new dimensions – that goes beyond all expectations and brings the world closer to the joy of skiing. The 2015 Falun Championships will involve children and young people, the arts, business and trade, the environment and of course all fans of skiing. We call it Beyond Skiing. Read more.


Enjoy the great festival of skiing on site

The tickets for the World Ski Championships 2015 in Falun have been released and now it’s time for you to secure your place at next year’s festival of skiing.

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Between February 18 and March 1 2015 the Nordic World Ski Championships takes place in Falun. During the twelve days a total of 21 World Champions will be crowned in Cross Country Skiing, Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined. See the programme here.

Getting here

2 hours from Stockholm

Falun is easy to get to by road, rail and air. The road journey by car or bus takes about two hours from Stockholm. Find out more about travel alternatives here.


Find your accommodation in Dalarna

Lake view, downtown atmosphere, hotel, cabin, apartment or camping? Here you can find what suits you best.


Dalarna is the essence of Sweden…

…with its beautiful countryside and characteristic red-painted log homesteads. The province is proud of its living traditions in arts and industry as well as winter sports. Did you know that it was in Dalarna in the 16th century that King Gustav I, Gustav Vasa found the resources to unite and develop the modern nation of Sweden, or that Falun is on the Unesco World Heritage List with its historic mining landscape? More facts about Dalarna.



[XC] Cross Country +
Mass Start

Skiers start simultaneously


Team competition with four skiers on each team


A shorter and faster form of ski race

50 & 30 km

the longest distances for men & women


a well-known hill in Falun

[XC] Cross Country

In cross country you compete in teams or individually. For many years, Cross-Country Skiing only consisted of one style, the “classic diagonal style” in which both the skis are kept in prepared tracks. During the 1982 World Cup season, the skating style grew in popularity and was later developed into today’s skate skiing on a course with no prepared tracks.


[NC] Nordic Combined +
15 point in ski jump

1 minute on the cross-country track


Skis, poles, helmet


i Norway

Olympic event

Since 1924

Both Ski Jumping and Cross Country Skiing

[NC] Nordic Combined

In Nordic Combined, the winner is decided on the basis of one jump on the ski jumping hill and one 10 km cross-country race. In other words, the athlete needs both the skill and the bravery required in jumping the hill and the physical endurance and technique needed for cross-country skiing. The points that the athlete receives for the jump are translated into a time difference.


[SJ] Ski Jumping +

in Norway

Most medals in WC

10, Janne Ahonen, Finland & Martin Schmitt, Germany

The V-style

Invented by Jan Boklöv from Sweden in the mid 1980s

[SJ] Ski Jumping

In ski jumping men compete on the large hill and the normal hill, both individually an in teams, while the ladies only compete on the normal hill. In order to be a successful ski jumper you need a good technique, good timing and not least courage. The competitors strive for maximum length of the jump at the same time as not loosing in style or the telemark landing, for which they are awarded points. A telemark landing, is where one foot is in front of the other when landing.


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