Irina – queen of the hill

Irina Awakumova, Russia
Irina Awakumova, Russia

On Saturday, Irina Avvakumova from Russia, was the queen of ski-jumping in Örnsköldsvik. She took double victory as the Ladies Ski-Jumping Continental Cup was arranged as two competitions.

- Of course I am very satisfied and happy that I managed to reload for the second competition, said Irina Avvakumova, a clearly satisfied.

In the first competition, she shared the victory with Julia Kykkänen, Finland, thanks to an impressive jump of 105 meters in the final round. The jump ended up being the longest one of the day.

- For me it was just work. I was totally focused on the technique, rather than on the result, Irina said after the competition.

Julia Kykkänen from Finland had a clear lead after the first round in the first competition, but ended up sharing the victory after Irina’s long second jump.

- The conditions were good today, but I wasn’t fully satisfied with my technique in the first competition. It worked better in the second competition, said Julia.

In the second competition nobody could threaten Irina Avvakumova, who got the victory alone this time. On second place was Julia Kykkänen. In other words, these two girls dominated today’s competition.

Text and photo: Anders Hansson

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